Absolutely not let the massive development of solar power happen according to the movement

The Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Industry and Trade, localities, and Vietnam Electricity to review issues related to solar power development in our country.

Strictly handle the act of profiting from the rooftop solar power policy

In order to ensure the development of solar power in accordance with regulations and promote the best general efficiency, the Prime Minister requests the Ministry of Industry and Trade to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the People’s Committees of provinces and cities on duty. Under the central government, EVN and relevant agencies urgently implement the following contents:

Carry out an overall review of the current implementation of solar and rooftop solar power projects; to guide the implementation in accordance with the promulgated mechanisms and regulations, under the direction of the Prime Minister in Document No. 414 / TTg-CN dated 8.4.2020 and other relevant documents; research and immediately handle unexpected problems arising in the development of solar power, especially rooftop solar power over the past time, not letting bad consequences happen.

Carrying out the inspection and supervision of rooftop solar PV development in localities and power companies recently, ensuring compliance with regulations; promptly rectifying and strictly handling mistakes, if any, especially the acts of profiting from policies in the deployment of rooftop solar power recently.

Research and propose the best effective management measures for renewable energy sources, especially solar energy in the coming time, absolutely prevent any loopholes in the main mechanisms. issued books; direct the construction and implementation of measures to minimize the reduction of renewable energy sources put into operation, minimize the economic losses of investors and waste of renewable energy sources. of the country.

Responsible for overall review of current power sources currently deployed, updating the balance of power supply and demand in the coming period to strengthen the best planning management; at the same time, expeditiously complete the procedures and submit to the Prime Minister Power Planning Project VIII on schedule.

Not to develop massively solar power

The Prime Minister requires the People’s Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities to be responsible for strictly complying with legal regulations promulgated by competent authorities and the Prime Minister’s instructions and instructions. of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on rooftop and terrestrial solar power development; absolutely not let the massive development of solar power in the area happen according to the movement, lack of control, causing overloading of the regional power grid and later negative consequences; closely coordinating with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and EVN in the inspection and supervision of rooftop solar power development in the locality, power companies recently; strictly handle violations within their competence, if any.

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